Welcome To My New Website


I am thrilled to finally be launching my brand new website!

You will be reading this post on ruthmacgilp.com, and if you’re a long time follower of my work, you will notice that everything is looking quite different! For those that don’t know, I used urbanity-blog.com, and the corresponding social media channels, as a place to showcase my blog posts about ethical fashion, lifestyle and the arts for the past 3 years.


However, I decided this year that I wanted to re-brand in order to reflect the increasing body of work I produce, not just in the form of blogging, but my freelance job as a fashion writer, digital marketer and online content creator for a variety of different brands and platforms. I also felt it was time to move on from the name ‘Urbanity’, and instead focus on building my personal brand around my real name in order to stay consistent throughout career, both online and offline.

I will still be posting regularly about all the same topics, and I still very much operate as a blogger, but I also will be promoting my journalism and reporting, client marketing work and content curation, as well as showcasing a variety of resources for wider learning about sustainability and the fashion industry.

I am really proud to have built up a strong body of work over the years and to now be able to share an online home for it all that looks clean, contemporary and chic. I hope you enjoy navigating through the new site, and that you will stay with me through this exciting new journey.


Thanks for popping by, and please do let me know what you think of the new website!

N.B. Urbanity Blog (www.urbanity-blog.com) will stay live for the next 6 months, as will my Urbanity Blog email address (info@urbanity-blog.com). All traffic and visits to the blog will be forwarded to www.ruthmacgilp.com and all contact will be forwarded to info@ruthmacgilp.com until everybody in my network has caught up with the rebrand.


Photo details:

Photography by Alice Cruickshank of Twenty Something City

Blouse: Olivia Rose The Label
Jeans: Gap x Mick Keus
Sandals: Topshop (second hand)
Bag: Marks & Spencer
Earrings: Akvile Su