The 20 Best Sustainable Fashion Brands


A curated selection of men's and women's ethical fashion brands operating in the market for a range of styles and budgets, who don't compromise style for sustainability.

1. People Tree People Tree are committed to being an example of transparency and ethics in every aspect of our business. This leading ethical brand, run by eco fashion activist Safia Minney, aims to supply customers with good quality products, with friendly and efficient service, empowering customers to participate in Fair Trade.

2. Pact Pact is committed to organic cotton to minimize their impact on the environment and improve the conditions and quality of life for the people who make their clothing. PACT ORGANIC unites the collective vision of organic cotton farming, responsible manufacturing, sustainable and ethical certifications, and values-based shopping. The brand believes that organic cotton is the foundation for addressing labor and environmental challenges that surround clothing. All Pact underwear and clothing is manufactured in safe facilities and is always sweatshop-free and child-labor-free.

3. Everlane Everlane spends months finding the best factories around the world and visit them often, building strong personal relationships with the owners. This hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure a factory’s integrity. All products are made at ethical factories, from the finest materials, and sold without traditional retail markups.

4. Anekdot Anekdot craft sustainable underwear & swimwear. using upcycle smaterials from the luxury fashion industry and its many leftovers, turning them into limited edition designs that rediscover individuality. Led by Swedish fashion designer Sofie Andersson, each creation is designed & handmade in Berlin or Sweden. The brand has an endlessly covetable aesthetic that captures Scandinavian chic and minimalism, while reducing textile waste and fighting against mass production and monotonous style.

5. Thought From the fabrics they use, to how they design, make and deliver garments, Thought considers every impact of the business with the greater aim of minimising their environmental footprint. They're also proud supporters of slow fashion, so only design clothing intended to last.


6. Christopher Raeburn Christopher Ræburn is one of the most exciting designer fashion businesses emerging from the current British fashion scene. Christopher’s pioneering work has brought sustainable design to a mainstream fashion audience embodying luxury with integrity.

7. Cloh

Cloh is an exciting new clothing label, championing an alternative to modern throwaway society. We follow ethical production standards so the majority of the textiles we work with are 100% re-purposed and, naturally limited edition.

8. Nudie Jeans Nudie Jeans produce denim products made from 100% organic cotton, in socially responsible manufacturing facilities, and offer total supply chain transparency. If the jeans wear out, the brand offers a free repair service, and if no longer wanted, they’re recycled into exciting new products, or sold on as second-hand.

9. Zady

Fast fashion is a systemic issue, so Zady has built a company that proves there is a better way, by making clothes that fit well, feel great, and pieces that inspire. '

Process matters. Quality matters. Honesty matters.'

10. Elizabeth Suzann Elizabeth Suzann is a label born out of dislike for excess and desire for quality. Practicality, elegance, comfort and attention to detail are at the forefront of their philosophy. The brand cuts and sews all garments locally in a small Nashville design studio using only the highest quality, natural cloth. Quality cloth is significantly more durable, feels better against your skin, and gets softer with each wear.

11. Kowtow Kowtow creates chic and stylish organic, fair trade clothing that is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment. The factory in Kolkata, India where Kowtow garments are made, sponsors projects such as Girls Education, Cow Shed, and Cow Donation programs in the farmers' villages.

12. Nudie Jeans Nudie Jeans produce denim products made from 100% organic cotton, in socially responsible manufacturing facilities, and offer total supply chain transparency. If the jeans wear out, the brand offers a free repair service, and if no longer wanted, they’re recycled into exciting new products, or sold on as second-hand.


13. Arthur & Henry Arthur and Henry produce beautiful men’s shirts made from organic and Fairtrade fabrics,, valuing the people who’ve had a hand in making them, from farmer to factory worker, weaver to dyer. All the brand’s packaging is made from recycled materials, and 1% of their turnover every year goes to charity

14. Brothers We Stand The brand believes in celebrating the positive aspects of production without greenwashing, and so each item on the site has a footprint tab detailing its social and environmental impact. They list the use of pioneering ethical practices as well as the aspects of manufacture that could be further improved, providing a transparent window onto the supply chain of the products you buy.

15. YSTR All YSTR clothes are ethically made by specialized artisans at DTLA headquarters using cut-to-order manufacturing technology. The brand honours the process of slow fashion in every aspect of our business takes the time to produce each style in quality from concept to finish.

16. Rachel Mcmillan Fascinated by the conscious and subconscious states of mind, the anatomy of the human body and historical artistic groups, Rachel Mcmillan creates signature bespoke prints on contemporary urban silhouettes. Rachel believes in comfortable, contemporary and ethically sourced clothes that are accessible to everyone.

17. Veja Founded in 2004, The Veja project creates a supply chain that respects both humans and the environment. Veja's values include Transparency, Organic Materials, and Fair Trade Sourcing, creating trainers/sneakers that are sustainable but do not sacrifice style. The brand works directly with small Brazilian producers, who are organized into cooperatives of organic cotton and wild rubber from the Amazon.

18. Reformation Reformation puts sustainability at the core of everything; their factory uses the most efficient, eco-friendly and pro-social technologies and practices, they invest in green building infrastructure to minimize waste, water, and energy footprints and also invest in the people who make this revolution possible.

19. Cecilia Hammarborg Since its launch in 2009, Cecilia Hammarborg has become a go-to label for tailored outerwear and statement coats. Designed with creativity, longevity, and sustainability in mind, Cecilia’s garments are wardrobe staples for women at any age.

20. Only Hearts Debuting in 2008, the Only Hearts Organic underwear line is currently one of the brand’s most popular. Attracting fashionistas and the environmentally conscious alike, Only Hearts Organic merges the founder’s commitment to sustainability with the flirty sophistication of the label’s aesthetic.