Fashion That Gives Back


Edinburgh based print publication Boom Saloon has launched their second #boomprojects, a collaboration with young refugees in Glasgow to design a range of label-free tees which celebrate the similarities between us, not the differences. For each one sold, one is donated to Refuweegee, to distribute to Glasgow’s communities dealing with forcible displacement, and a donation is made to Spoon Café’s Pay it Forward scheme, which provides hot meals for locals experiencing hardship or disadvantage.  This is fashion that does good.


Collaborating with young people dealing with forcible displacement, Boom Saloon have co-designed and created a t-shirt collection to challenge the labels society can too often attach to individuals. Eschewing any presumptions, they’ve worked together to nurture and develop the incredible talent already flowing from the collaborators. Throughout a series of free workshops, featuring guest speakers like Emily Millichip, Alice Dansey-Wright, Fashion Doundry and more, the project aimed to ope up the full design process to all – building a tight knit community whilst delivering a range of transferable skills to be utilised going forward.  Each t-shirt encapsulates so much more than simply a piece of clothing – standing for a belief in taking the time to understand those we share our world with as opposed to jumping to conclusions. Each comes attached to a very personal story, touching upon the experiences of those who designed them. 


When the project launched last month, I couln’t resist ordering the ‘Mavam Tee’ from Boom Saloon. Co-designed by Mavam Dualeh, this t-shirt symbolises the many feelings a person can be experiencing, in spite of what is visible on their face. In a stand against labelling, categorising and presuming, this t-shirt comes quite literally ‘label free,’ with care instructions printed directly onto the garment itself, which I think is a really cool, contemporary twist. What’s more, it’s made form 100% cotton, and super affordable at just £25. Other t-shirts in the limited edition collection include similarly sharp, minimalist prints on wearable, stylish black or white unisex tees.


Outfit details:

T-shirt: Mavam Dualeh x Boom Saloon*
Trousers: Squint x Alice Dansey-Wright
Jacket: Rino & Pelle
Shoes: Converse All Star
Earrings: H&M

To find out more about this incredible venture, pick up the latest issue of Boom Saloon to read editor Rachel Arthur’s article about the whole process and her experience. Just a warning though, you might need some tissues as this one gets emotional.

*Not gifted or sponsored, I just love this company and this project!