An Ode to Man Repeller

Leandra Medine has got to be one of my favourite fashion icons. Her eclectic personal style inspires women young and old to push the boundaries of fashion, experiment with prints, colours, textures and shapes, and encourages them to truly encapsulate the mindset of the man repeller; a woman who gives zero fucks what the opposite sex think of her clothing; she dresses for herself and no one else. Whats more, her journalistic empire has given a refreshing insight into the so-called 'elite' fashion industry, bringing an authentic sense of personality to her writing. Together with her team of total girl-bosses, Leandra has built a community of strong, independent fashion-forward thinkers. And that's why I'm dedicating this blog post to Man Repeller, a fashion blog with a difference.


In the true spirit of Man Repeller, I decided to compile my favourite MR moments that have inspired me to stop giving a fuck, some are taken from their brilliant 'Grown-Ass Woman Month" section. From unpopular opinions on the industry and accessible feminism, to truly experimental style and total body positivity, the writers are unapologetically silly, serious and sensational all at once.