Backstage Pass: ECA Fashion Show

You may have already read my post about modelling for the Edinburgh College of Art Fashion and Textile Show (and if you haven't go read it here!) but I thought I'd write another as I finally got round to uploading the photos I took backstage! This one on the left was the probably the regular position we sat in, getting our make up done and retouched by some lovely beauty students. The look this year was very natural and off-duty, but the MUAs got to have a bit more fun with the performance costume models, from glistening metallic face paint to full body make-up.So here we are, a VIP, behind-the-scenes all-access pass to a day in the life of an amateur model during a stressful student 'fashion week'! 

Here are just some (out of hundreds of designs!) of the fabulous outfits we got to dress up in, and sometimes have to be pinned and stitched into! On the top left is me wearing my absolute favourite concoction by third year Ruth Williams; an innovative harness backpack and crossover wrap skirt with mesh and sheer detailing. This was part of the branding project 'Kino' which the two beautiful models in the next picture wore looks from also. The whole collection was perfectly cohesive yet unique, in colour, silhouette and accessorising. 

I won't ramble on like I already did in my main post but I can't emphasise enough the amount of talent that went into the whole production, not just from the incredible student designers, but from the models, the runners, the organisers, the sound and lighting crew, the hair stylists and the make up artists, who all do this as a labour of love. It was so great to see the clothes up close and personal, and I will forever keep coming back to this experience as a great insight into the fashion industry, and the launch pad for many successful creative careers.