Bespoke Birds Of Prayers

Before last week, I had never worn something custom-made before, minus a floral pink bridesmaids dress as a child! It felt truly special wearing a bespoke, couture sleeveless black sequin gown, let alone one made by my colleague and friend Piotr Pyrchala, that fit me like a glove. Birds of Prayers is Piotr's contemporary womenswear fashion brand, based between Edinburgh and Glasgow, which is part of emerging designer programme Fashion Foundry.

Focussing on muted colour palette contrasting with bold colour blocking and textures, Birds of Prayers clothing is made to flatter all ages and body types, ignoring fast fashion trends by making high quality, long lasting classics by hand.

Jack and I chatting to Ann Brown, fashion blogger over at Style Stamps, who was one of the six judges of the Herald Fashion Awards 2016 panel.

Approaching the Grand Central Hotel greeted by bagpipes. Jack wears a 1960s suit from Carnivale Vintage, and my cashmere coat is a Carnival find too.

You can check out my post all about Carnivale Vintage here!

My clutch bag was gifted from Covet, a luxury handbag boutique on Thistle street in Edinburgh.

The dress itself was a full length slim fit gown with a slit at the back in glitzy black sequin fabric, over a soft jersey underskirt. The neckline is draped with wide straps that join at the centre bag showing off the shoulder blades. Ultimate glamour!

Photos by Kirsty Anderson for Newsquest Scotland Events.