Why I Experience 'Blogger Anxiety'

I've been thinking about doing this blog post, Blogger Anxiety, for a good few months now. In fact, its almost been giving me blogger anxiety. Oh the irony! Basically, I'm not diagnosing myself with a newfangled mental health issue, I'm just simplifying the huge bank of worries that as a blogger I experience daily, and I'm sure many other bloggers do too. I believe that being a creative individual automatically gives you a million things to be anxious about, so this overview can probably be applied to anyone from musicians to models. However, its not all doom and gloom, as I will be offering a few tips for newbies to help break through the barriers of self doubt.

Firstly, I wanted to address the issue of blogger events. As a regular attendee, I've noticed a few things that seem to happen to me at nearly every fashion show, drinks reception, group meal, networking meet, product workshop or press release:1. I immediately scout the room for someone I know. Of course, over time, I've got to know more familiar faces, but even now when faced with a room full of bloggers, I feel my stomach hit the floor. Who will I talk to? Will I look like a total loner?2. I instantly analyse what I'm wearing. Am I too formal? Am I underdressed? Oh god, everyone else looks far more fashionable than I do! Will brands take me seriously as a fashion blogger if I don't dress up to the nines?3. I feel young, naive and inexperienced. At any given event I'm usually at least 5 years younger than the rest, and perhaps a smaller-scale blogger or in the earlier stages of my fashion career. Does everyone think I don't know what I'm talking about? Can they relate to where I'm at?

Next I wanted to discuss anxiety around numbers. Anything from how many followers, post views and Instagram likes to how many emails I get from brands, how many posts I can write while managing my studies, social life and career, or how I can monetise my blog, all give me the fear. I can't be the only one who suffers from the constant comparison to other bloggers who have tens of thousands of social media followers and blog subscribers, make heaps of cash through sponsored posts, freebies and guest blogging, own all the latest designer clothing and make-up, and seem to have all the time in the world to dedicate themselves to their blogs without life getting in the way.

Overall, I wanted to share the advice I give myself when all these feelings of doubt relating to blogging get too overwhelming, a quote from Theodore Roosevelt:

"Comparison is the thief of joy"

. To me this embodies the love I have for fashion journalism and engaging in creative communities being cruelly taken away just I perceive someone else to be more successful. When you're just starting out, blogging can feel like talking to a brick wall, but you must remember that the blogging world is extremely competitive and above all, saturated; there will always be someone doing it 'better' (read: differently) than you, so you may as well embrace your unique blogging style.


Images by Skye Lyon Photography