Blogging With Success: Panel Discussion with Glasgow Museums


This post is all about Blogging With Success, a panel discussion at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow, chaired by blogger Laura Pearson-Smith of A Life With Frills, with Lynsay from Lynsay Loves, Lucy from Florals & Corals, Emma from Foodie Explorers & lil old me on the panel!

The event was really interesting, as an audience (full of fledgling and well-established bloggers, PRs, journalists, and students) were introduced to the panel of bloggers all from very different backgrounds and niches, and engaged in a conversation about how to find success online. It was amazing to learn from other's experiences and talk with readers both old and new. I walked away on a total high! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved, especially Laura who organized everything, and to Glasgow Museums,

Here is a little more about each fabulous blogger who took part:

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Emma Mytykyn: Foodie Explorers

Emma is one half of the now 10 year old food and travel blog based in Glasgow. She reviews bars and restaurants all over the country, and covers everything from recipes, news and previews, to events, hotels and festivals. A must-read for foodies!

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Lynsay Neil: Lynsay Loves

Lynsay is the bright and colourful Glasgow girl behind this cult fashion and lifestyle blog, previously called Miss West End Girl. She shares thoughts on everything from where to get an excellent cup of coffee in town, to the latest lipsticks and lush bath bombs, DIY home projects, life advice, travels and so much more.

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Lucy Connelly

Florals & Corals documents Lucy's everyday street style looks as she explores the city in the chicest trends, and shares how to recreate her style with shoppable content too. She has a minimalist aesthetic and masters the capsule wardrobe with effortlessness. For any fashionista's out there, her instagram is a must-follow.

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Laura Pearson-Smith: A Life With Frills

A Life With Frills is a Scottish beauty, style and travel blog by Laura Pearson-Smith. It’s full of stylish things- from makeup and skincare, to travel reviews, fashion, DIY tutorials, entertaining tips and home decor.

Laura set up this event because there is a real lack of education and support for people that want to build a career in this area, and sadly as a community, we often put each other down instead of lifting each other up, and staying isolated within ourselves rather than reaching out for help.

So how do you learn how to be "successful"? Look to bloggers who have 'made it', whatever that may mean, from 40k Instagram followers to dream brand collaborations and award wins, or high levels of influence within your industry, or- like me- finding a niche I have a huge passion for and creating a space online I am truly proud of, collaborating with like minded folk along the journey in a way that feels really authentic.

Success can mean different things to different people, and I think it can be really hard to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other "more successful" bloggers on social media, and far too much focus on the numbers, not on the skill, talent and passion. If you're blogging just to get a load of Instagram followers and some free makeup and clothes, in my opinion, you are in it for the wrong reasons.

Write with flair and personality, take imperfect pictures that capture the moment, share your content with those that really matter, and blog because you love it. That's how to blog with success.