Home Inspiration with BoConcept Glasgow*


My very exciting news this month is that I have moved in with my boyfriend and we are officially now living in our new flat together! It's so brilliant to finally leave behind the days of living with my parents, staying in shoddy university halls and sharing questionable student flats. Needless to say, a new home means I have my eye on some new interior decor, so I have been ogling over hundreds of gorgeous homeware products at the new BoConcept furniture stores in Glasgow, and Edinburgh. Read on to see my top picks from BoConcept for the bedroom, living room and kitchen!



I'm a sucker for simple, elegant wall art that brightens up a blank wall and adds depth to every room. I love the peppermint green colours of this framed print, which will look super sophisticated as a standalone piece above a desk or bed, or as part of a larger gallery wall - Pinterest's latest trend!  Buy here.

There's just something about velvet that draws you in. Sumptuous and soft, this nude toned pillow (which also comes in silver, baby blue, and mustard) will look perfect piled up on the bed with a fluffy throw and a cozy cup of tea. You can never have too many cushions in our house - we champion being comfy at all times! Buy here 


The 'Lugano' bed is an absolute must for a modern, minimalist look. Not only does it look sleek and refined, but you can also clear away all your clutter with its ample under-bed storage area. I love the oversized quilted headboard, in soft grey for a touch of Scandi simplicity. Buy here.

Living room


This walnut sideboard with slick steel legs is the ideal storage solution for small flats. Large enough to hide away all your bits and bobs, but without being bulky, the unit easily slides away out of sight, or use it as a platform to display your favourite coffee table books and statement-making decor. Buy here.


Now I have a proper grown-up flat, I've got to have a proper grown-up sofa. Small and subtle but also totally luxurious in matt black leather, the 'Istra' sofa is the ultimate contemporary piece for the living room. Buy here.


Who doesn't love a swivel chair? The 'Schelly' in luxe blue felt is molded for ultimate comfort without compromising on modernity and style. Buy here.



Last but certainly not least, it's time to furnish the kitchen. A good dining table is an absolute must, and I was immediately drawn to the 'Granada' walnut table. Cleverly, this sleek circular piece can also extend into a large oblong to seat up to 8 people! Buy here.


This 'Oxidized' bowl, in beautiful brass turquoises tones, has a rustic feel, inviting an ethnic, artisanal vibe into the kitchen. I'd fill it with seasonal fruits, or - when I'm not kidding myself - crisps and popcorn. Buy here.


Finally, for the dining chairs, I picked out the 'Oslo' folding chair for my BoConcept wish list. It has a real Scandinavian cool about it - simple, minimal, space-saving, but still incredibly stylish, with no unnecessary gimmicks. Buy here.

You can shop for BoConcept's lust-worthy products either online at www.boconcept.com, or pop into your local BoConcept furniture stores in Glasgow or Edinburgh!