ECA Degree Show 2016: Art Meets Technology

Today I went along to the Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show at Evolution House, namely to see my friend James St Findlay's incredible graphic design project, but also to check out the work of the other students, from illustrators to architects. I was truly in awe of the talent and creativity this year and although every exhibition piece I visited was beyond anything I could dream of creating (note to self: get back into art again!), a few projects really stood out to me. If I could have spent all day admiring the art I would, but if you have a moment, the degree show will be on until the 5th June at various campuses, so definitely worth paying a wee visit.

Body sensitive Necklaces in silver and ceramic geometric designs that help monitor light intake, possibly a treatment for S.A.D. Also a matching origami light. Very sci-fi from product design graduate Emily Annand


Graphic design student Rachel Millar created beautiful prints inspired by brutally honest and relatable quotes she heard around campus during the stressful run-up to graduation.

My talented pal James Findlay curated a unique graphic design project based on fertility rituals, festivals and parades, in ancient religious times and beyond, creating physical hangings alongside a film and story.

This is a really special idea by Jessica Gregory: "The Coralise kit aims to spread awareness of coral mortality and includes a substrate, pegs and an informational illustrated book, within a eco rucksack. The coral grows onto the pegs which slot into the coralitte inspired holes, allowing the user to curate their own miniature coral reef without the contact of harmful adhesives. "

A coat that helps develop biodiversity and plant life in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world a.k.a the movie Wall.e? Yes please! By the talented Isobel Williams


The most mesmerising medical illustrations by Amy Wedge. You can buy her stunning prints here! #supportlocal

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx