Why I'm Dropping Beauty from the Blog


Last week I met up with Ann Martin from celebrated Scottish fashion blog Style Stamps for a little street style shoot, as I wanted to show off my new items from Glasgow designer fashion brand Birds of Prayers, a hugely oversized black smock dress with deep pockets and a flouncy skirt, and a giant jersey tote bag with enough room in it for the kitchen sink.

While chatting about the current state of blogging with Ann over a cappuccino at Round Square coffee house,  we touched upon the  issue of over-saturation of beauty bloggers right now, and how neither of us really prioritised writing about hair and make-up. I've been blogging less and less lately about all things beauty, so I've decided its time to narrow down my niche and drop it from the blog completely. Read on to find out why...

I am not nor will never be a beauty expert, no matter how much I love make-up and wouldn't usually go a day without it. Therefore, why should I act like an authority on beauty? When it boils down to it, bloggers are seen experts and influencers in a certain field, representing relevant brands, informing an interested audience and creating interesting content on their subject of choice. I don't think I have the experience, skills or influence level to promote beauty products or share my beauty routine, tips or advice, because as a blog reader, I would go to an expert beauty blogger who specifically writes about make up, or more likely a youtuber, not a fashion/lifestyle blogger. This is not to say that I don't think people should write about make up if they want to, but I personally don't find it authentic or interesting to be influenced by non-experts in the field, like make up artists, and I don't think I can write well enough about it to warrant sharing content with my readers.

Beauty blogging is a huge industry, where vloggers and bloggers can make a huge amount of money and get truckloads of free beauty products. Put simply, make-up is easier to sell than clothes. Its cheaper, one size fits all, its available and accessible everywhere. Advertising is a huge market as well as affiliate links, other ways beauty bloggers can get rolling in the cash. However it is precisely this that concerns me; I believe many bloggers are not truly passionate about what they write, they just do it for the freebies. they will accept products from any brand regardless of whether it fits their values, and they will jump on the hype train of any trend. If you read beauty blogs, you will notice that the same eyeshadow palette can be reviewed by anyone and everyone, all singing the praises. Where is the originality and the authenticity here?

Another reason, probably the most key reason, that I am dropping beauty from the blog is that I simply don't enjoy writing about it. And for me, as soon as blogging becomes a chore, there is no point to it any longer. I think readers can tell immediately if a blogger is writing because they have to rather than want to, and I know that my writing is 100x better when I actually care about a topic, believe in a brand, or feel I have some authority and experience. I love getting freebies as much as the next blogger, but it would be less wasteful and more in line with my ethics to just buy the products I truly need and want and will use in the future, rather than just to try once, write a short and sweet review and then forget about it forever.

I don't think I'm going to delete my past beauty features, as they were right for me at the time, although they are probably my least popular posts. Also I certainly won't drop make-up, hair and nails related stuff from my Instagram, as I still enjoy discovering new salons in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and I still enjoy beauty for myself. However, moving forward I believe to succeed as a blogger, I need to narrow down the topics I write on, and focus on what I'm actually passionate about or what will bring me exciting opportunities that will advance my career, or worthwile reward. So beauty brands, if you're reading this, send my PR samples and event invites to someone else, preferably a talented, passionate beauty blogger who will truly believe in your brand.

 Outfit details:

Dress: Birds of Prayers

Bag: Birds of Prayers

Shoes: New Look

Coat: New Look

Necklace: Accessorize

What do you think about me dropping beauty from the blog? Will you miss it?

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As always, any beauty products I use are not tested on animals, and I will continue to be a supporter of vegan and cruelty-free beauty on and offline.