Edinburgh Blogger Conference


Last week I had the opportunity to take part in the panel discussions at the very first Edinburgh Blogger Conference. I'd never been to a conference before, let alone been a speaker at one, and such a niche event filled with such enthusiastic and inspiring people was the ideal chance to experience it all for the first time.


This event started because successful retailers and businesses are starting to rely more heavily on bloggers. As bloggers, we take on a lot. We are effectively running and maintaining your own business each day; the most impressive thing is that many of us do it alone. The Edinburgh Blogger Conference aims to support bloggers and introduce them to bloggers, brands, marketers and content creators, to help learn from each other, find common interests and see where both communities can benefit, so the organisers, lovely Jadine, Taryn and Kayleigh, decided to provide a full day of activities, including networking, panel discussions, workshops and useful insights from a huge range of people. AND the event was catered by NANDO'S. Needless to say, I had a marvellous time.


It was a great opportunity to meet with some familiar blogging faces like Social Tailor, Scot Street Style, The Quiet Resolution and The Style Stories, as well as meet new contacts like youtubers Shaun Vlog, Wee Scottish Lass, Sam King and Beauty Creep, who all offered excellent informative vlogging advice, keynote speaker Gavin Oattes from Tree of Knowledge who motivated us all to bring out the passion and enthusiasm of our inner child, and wonderful panelists representing Geek Native blog and She Is Fierce magazine, discussing issues from making money as a blogger and how much bloggers should be paid, to writing authentically, creating engaging content, branding yourself and building a loyal audience.


Find out more at www.edinburghbloggerconference.co.uk, and watch this quick video for a behind-the-scenes glance at what happened on the day!

Pictures by Cera Kamonji and Tinafora FN.