How can you tell if a fashion brand is ethical?


Discover ten quick and easy ways to check that a fashion brand fits with your values, including some helpful ethical fashion certifications.

It can be a total minefield trying to navigate through the thousands of brands and designers out there, so I thought I'd share some simple things to look out for when searching for ethical and sustainable products. Watch the video below or scroll on to see the 10 signifiers in more detail.

  1. Country of origin Where is it made? (This will be on the inner label eg. Made in Bangladesh or Made in Italy)

  2. Fibre content What is it made from? (You can find this on the label eg. 100% cashmere or 50% polyester 50% cotton)

  3. Fairtrade Is it certified with the Fairtrade Foundation?

  4. G.O.T.S Is it certified with the Global Organic Textiles Standard?

  5. Soil Association Is it organic certified with the Soil Association?

  6. Fashion Revolution Transparency Index How does it rank on the report? Read the 2018 transparency index

  7. Made-By Is the brand recognised by the Made-By organisation?

  8. Fair Wear Foundation Is the brand a member of Fair Wear?

  9. Good On You Can you look it up on the Good On You app?

  10. #WhoMadeMyClothesThe best way to tell if a brand or garment is aligned with your ethcis and values is to contact the manufacturer or retailer directly! You can download this free template to send an email or letter to a brand, or tag them on Instagram alongside the hashtag #whomademyclothes to demand answers!

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