Iolla Arrives in Edinburgh!


Glasgow's cult eyewear brand IOLLA has arrived in Edinburgh's trendiest residence, and I had the pleasure of visiting the brand new Stockbridge store this week to search for some sunnies and to discover IOLLA's latest collection of fashion-forward frames.


It’s still early into the new year but IOLLA have hit the ground running in 2018. Having just opened their second showroom and now with the introduction of a new collection, they’ve got a lot to shout about. Since opening the doors two and a half years ago, IOLLA have brought an array of exciting and unique frames to their customers both online and in their Finnieston showroom. Now, to the delight of the people of Edinburgh, the innovative Scottish brand are super excited to have landed in Stockbridge.

They have truly stepped up their game with the new showroom which showcases the entire IOLLA collection in the best environment possible. Entering the space, you’ll find a mixture of traditional and new materials used for bespoke shelving and decor, great natural lighting and a buzzy atmosphere which makes for a perfect environment to get kitted out with some new specs.


The brand new collection for Spring 2018 includes four unbeatably flattering styles and seven exciting new colours in some of their already oh-so popular existing shapes. The new collection remains true to the usual aesthetic of IOLLA, but they’ve stepped up the bold factor by introducing styles with new features such as a bold double bridge or extra thick acetate rims. Spruce up your glasses wardrobe with a frame from the collection that packs a punch. What’s more, the versatility of the spring collection has enabled them to create twenty new spectacular sunglasses, all available with either prescription sun lenses, or as non-prescription polarised sunglasses.

With IOLLA, neither style or substance have to be compromised anymore to remain in budget, meaning you can focus on what frames suit your lifestyle as well as your face. Simplicity, transparency, and honesty are at the centre of what they do, meaning you can ditch the pressure for pleasure and start enjoying all that the wonderful world of eyewear has to offer. At IOLLA, every pair of glasses is £65, and that price includes your frame, your lenses, coatings, and even lens thinning.


IOLLA was founded by two Glasgow based entrepreneurs who wanted to revolutionise the way people buy glasses. Streamlining production with in-house design and on-site glazing in their Cambuslang lab have allowed IOLLA to offer high quality prescription glasses at an incredibly accessible price. Refusing to charge extra for ‘add ons,’ every pair of IOLLAs come with anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings as standard, with thinner lenses also included in the £65 all-in price for single vision glasses.

Now with 2 physical locations in Scotland, glasses can be tried on and then purchased in- store or online. The IOLLA showrooms offer a unique and comfortable service whereby their friendly stylists can take the time to give you all the help and advice you require, or alternatively will leave you to browse knowing they are on-hand when and if you need them to answer any questions and take all appropriate measurements for your new glasses.


After much deliberation, and the help of a poll on my Instagram stories, I landed on some gorgeous polarized sunglasses with face-flattering frames, in a soft nude colour that I am confident will go with EVERYTHING, especially my newly super-short platinum blonde hair. You can nab the Maxwell Sun in Dull Brushed Silver with Green Mirror in teh new Iolla Stockbridge showroom or buy online now!

Iolla's intriguing new offering actually makes me wish I needed prescription glasses! For now, my 20/20 vision must settle for some sumptious sunnies. Massive thanks to the lovely Stockbridge staff for introducing me to all things Iolla; I can't wait to model my new Maxwells  all over Edinburgh!