Mermaids and Metallics


Metallics are just one of those trends I absolutely adore. From shiny silver ankle boots to shimmering sequin skirts, I love rocking something super reflective and eye catching on a night out. While shopping at The Centre Livingston last month, I immediately fell for this unique mermaid mini dress on the Topshop sale rail, and decided to go matchy-matchy and pair it with my metallic cross body bag from Covet Edinburgh.


The back of the dress in particular is beautiful; I'm a total sucker for back detailing, especially when it shows off my tattoo (which I'm excited to get all fixed up this summer!). I like the trend at the moment for slip dresses that aren't fitted at all, they are definately more flattering to my odd tall and curvy body shape. As my flatmate pointed out, its a very flapper girl, 1920's look, but with a modern twist, mermaid style!


Another thing I like about this outfit is the colour; its so bright and vibrant and it totally cheered me up in the dull Scottish weather. In fact when we were out taking these photos in the middle of my street, an older woman walking her dog said I looked like a mermaid. The colour reminds me of summer days on Mediterranean beaches, the sea glistening under the sun, and I feel like it actully brings out the blue in my eyes, which usually look totally dull and grey. Here is the big question though- is it teal or turquoise? I never can decide!


Photos by Sarah Ewen.