Mother's Day at Fort Kinnaird


Back in March my lovely mum and I were invited by Fort Kinnaird, a shopping complex in Edinburgh, to enjoy some treats to celebrate Mother's day, including afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie and some pampering at The Body Shop. We had a wonderful time (I mean I always have a wonderful time with Mumma MacGilp because she rocks) and took some lovely pictures so I thought I've give you guys an insight into what we got up to. Read on to find out more about Patisserie Valerie and the Body Shop at Fort Kinnaird.


Travelling to Fort Kinnaird, which is a little out of the city centre, was actually a breeze. Usually I get the bus when going there to the cinema (read about my Odeon reviews here and here), but we drove this time and it was great to have ample free parking. We started off at Patisserie Valerie, who unfortunattly had 'run out' of afternoon tea, which was a little disappointing. However, we were still treated to a nice lunch and some delicious gateau. Mum went for a cheese and tomato croissant with salad and a flat white, and I ordered an avocado, mozzerella and persto panini, which came with firies and salad, a pot of tea. We then shared a warm apple tart and vanilla ice cream, and took home a cake each (which was delicious- black forest gatueau ftw). The service was really great and we enjoyed the food, overall a decent experience (although we did miss scones and mini sandwiches!)


Next, we went to The Body Shop at Fort Kinnaird, just a few shops down. My mum and I are both big fans of the Body Shop brand, as they do not test on animals, eco-friendly, socially conscious and charitable. Plus, they smell great and always do what they say on the tin! The two lovely ladies in store set out to take us round and talk through their vast selection of products from newbies to old favourites, and give us some pampering using their 'Spa of the World' and 'Drops of Youth' collections.


My mum got a relaxing hand treatment using the Spa of the World range. She has quite sensitive skin so the gentle African Ximenia scrub was ideal, followed by the moisturising Japanese Camellia cream. She got to take home samples of each product in the range which was really lovely, as they really are like a mini spa tratment in the home.

I got to try out the new skin peels, which come in the Drops of Youth range (my chosen favourite), the Vitamin C range or the Drops of Light range. These peels are incredible. Even just trying it on my hand its unreel the amount of dirt comes off! I took a large bottle home and have been using it twice a week on my face since, and have definitely seen a difference. a gentle skin peel like this one is a simple, quick and easy addition to your skincare routine.


Overall, we had a lovely day out together. It was a brilliant way to celebrate Mother's Day all in one plce. Thanks Fort Kinnaird!

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