New Edinburgh Salons: Paint and The Nail Gal


I know, I know, I said I was dropping beauty from the blog. But one last time, I wanted to feature some new beauty salons I've discovered in Edinburgh through the power of instagram. Lately I have been getting bored with my usual look, so I decided it was time for a refresh, with a little help from some local girl bosses at Paint and The Nail Gal.


How do you like the new look? I have been scrolling through pinterest for short, sharp, blunt hairstyle to match my current attitude of 'I'm Ruth, and I mean business'. Sounds totally lame but I like my outsides to match my insides, and my limp, shapeless haircut that I had before definately didn't reflect that. So I decided to go to Paint, a new salon ran by nail artist Cheryl Patchett and hair stylist Lucy Callaghan, based in beautiful Stockbridge, to take the plunge for a completely new style. I totally love it; I'm genuinely really happy with the results and am so grateful to Lucy for treating me to such great service.


I then popped along to The Nail Gal, a new home salon run by talented nail technician Zara for a gel/shellac manicure. I decided to go for a peachy nude colour, as I usually like to go to for neutral nails as I find they go with every kind of outfit. But as a fun twist, Zara suggested rose gold glitter on four out of ten nails. I absolutely love the metallic finish, and writing this post a over a week later, the gel nails are still in perfect condition with no chips which is brilliant!


As well as the great service, what I loved about new Edinburgh salons Paint and The Nail Gal were their interiors. Paint is a small but perfectly formed modern salon with a clean, contemporary interior, and fun decorations from Scottish designers like Polymorphics and Studio Five. The Nail Gal is a home salon but has a really luxurious, minimalist high end feeling to the decor.

Overall I was totally impressed with both salons and I will definitely be returning again! Let me know what you think in the comments.