New Sustainable Scottish Fashion Brands

When will the problematic fashion industry become truly sustainable? The answer is in local communities within Scotland. 

Our ethics are strong and we need to realise imaginary ideals into actual business innovation. Start small, go global. 

"The true Fashion Revolution will come when 'Ethical Fashion'is no longer a niche market."

A little while back I became aware of two fantastic new fashion brands based right here: Nu Blvck and One Memoir. So, I was delighted to accept an invitation to their respective launch nights, to find out more about their sustainable business models, and covetable collections. 

Read on to find out more about Nu Blvck, an accessories brand designed by my wonderful friend Ruth Williams, an ECA fashion student, and One Memoir, a bespoke fashion experience reviving pre-loved women's jackets and tell the story of  emerging designers through upcyling.

Nu Blvck

This brand, based in Glasgow and run by Rebecca Flory and Andrew Vincent (industry innovators on a mission to change the way we think about fast fashion), works with independent designers and artisans to encourage the idea that sustainable fashion is the new black. The model works by releasing individual collections of accessories (bags, belts, scarves, you name it!) each designed by a different local visionary, and handmade by skilled craftspeople. Each piece will be a unique, one-off product with a story and a journey behind it, leaving customers knowledgable about the supply chain. Nu Blvck launches on the second of August as part of the Merchant City Festival, alongside a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their process, so keep your eyes peeled!

One Memoir

One Memoir seeks to breathe life and creative spirit back into your pre-loved jackets, with the help of fashion designers Charu Lochan Dass,Lisa See Tai, Delia Alleyne and Nwannia Sorzano. The brand is based in Edinburgh, and their first collection, Revybe, will launch on 13/08/16.

"Our Designers are creative and committed and we want to show our consumers that their support for One Memoir provides designers with the opportunity to learn more about upcycling and sustainability. 

In essence, One Memoir is more than just a fashion brand, it's a community approach to production and a collaborative concept that transcends geographic borders."

Shelly and Justus, co-founders of One Memoir.