Discover New Peroni Ambra at Copper Blossom Edinburgh*


Discover Peroni's brand new drink offering at The Aperitivo Bar, Presented by Peroni Ambra at Copper Blossom, on George Street Edinburgh, until the end of August


Peroni, the effortlessly stylish Italian beer brand, is celebrating the launch of their exclusive new beverage 'Peroni Ambra' in collaboration with Edinburgh's beautiful west end basement bar Copper Blossom this festival season. I attended the launch event last night and had a chance to try the unique new apertivo (pre-dinner drink)  alongside delectable bitesize food, where the incredible Urban Soul Orchestra, a London-based contemporary orchestra and DJ collective, performed live for guests.


aperi·tivo. noun. The definition of an aperitivo is a beverage that is alcoholic that is consumed prior to a meal with the intention of stimulating the appetite.


What makes this new drink so special is the rare Chintto fruit, sourced from Liguria in North West Italy. The unique balance of flavours, blending the rare citrus taste with classic Peroni Nastro Azzurro, is designed to open the palate like a bittersweet aperitivo, served over ice with an orange twist garnish in a beautiful bespoke glass; the perfect summer drink that transported me from rainy Scotland to sunny Italy.


Pronounced Kee-not-toe, the Chinotto fruit is extremely rare, grown in small areas of rural Italy based on the climate. The Chinotto fruit is an ingredient used in aperitivos, as the bittersweet taste stimulates the appetite. 


Get down to Copper Blossom tonight to try the new Peroni Ambra with me, where the Urban Soul Orchestra and DJ Euphonica will be playing laidback Italian grooves between 6pm and 8pm; this alternative Fringe Festival experience is not to be missed! ‘The Aperitivo Bar, Presented by Peroni Ambra’, a unique pop-up Italian oasis in the heart of Scotland's capital, takes residence at Copper Blossom until the end of August. Basement 107 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3ES


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