Pink Hair and Pinstripe Cullottes

I don't do outfit posts too often because I doubt many people are overly interested in my clothing (although I am partial to selfie much more on my instagram @urbanity_blog) but this weekend has been sunny and I've really enjoyed relaxed dressing for my rare weekend not working in a shop! These Zara culottes have been hanging unworn for a while but never find the right occasion of them. A summer evening walk and a cute cinema date in these babies was ideal, teamed with a simple black tee and birkenstocks.Also, you may notice my rather strawberry-milkshake-esque hair! Lately I've been getting bored with being blonde so I've experimented with different semi-permanent pinks and purples. Its great to use these wash-in dyes from Crazy Colour because there no commitment (as I'm way too scared to dedicate my hair to being forever pink) and it gives you a chance to bring out your fun side and see what suits you.

Here are the outfit details

Sunglasses: Sum Company (read my blog post all about this wonderful brand!)

Cullottes: Zara

Necklace: H&M

T-shirt & Sandals: A wee boutique in Australia whose name escapes me!

Big thanks to my better half Jack Hinksfor being an excellent 'Instagram Husband' (i.e. taking stupid pictures against random brick walls sometimes!). 

Make up

Foundation and Concealer: Bourjois Healthy Mix

Lipstick: Topshop Sweet OrchardEyehadow: Tanya Burr Galaxy Pallette

Mascara: L'oreal Volume Million Lashes

Eyebrows: NYX Tinted Brow Mascara 

Hair Dye: Colour Crazy Violet