Pixie Cut Restyle with Edinburgh West End Hair Salon NOIRouge


I got the chop! Last week, I got my sharp bob restyled into a choppy pixie cut, and my dull dry bleach job transformed to soft lilac blonde at NOIRouge, an elegant hair and beauty salon in Edinburgh's West End.


I've been debating getting super short hair for a while since embracing the long bob style, and now I've finally taken the plunge into a full blown pixie cut, I don't know why I waited so long!  I must admit it was truly terrifying seeing huge chunks of hair plummet to the ground, and of course it feels very weird at first (apart from anything, my neck is so cold!), but with a bold, fashion-forward, androgynous style like this, I feel so much more confident, like a total boss who can get shit done, even if that is right now in my pyjamas with a bowl of mac n cheese.


Since moving to my new flat with Jack, I'd been looking for a new hairdresser, and Mark from NOIRouge definitely answered my prayers! Mark, the 2-year old Edinburgh salon's senior stylist, previously art director of Cheynes and with experience working with Sassoon and other world-renowned salons for over 40 years, has an irresistible charm and an incredible cutting technique that is so far removed from the cold, minimalist, precise style of many chain hair salons, just like NOIRouge's welcoming interiors.


NOIRouge is a hair and beauty boutique on Torphichen Place in the West End, specialising in a unique range of natural grooming and pampering experiences for all, from hair extensions to intricate nail art They offer high quality treatments at really affordable prices in an exquisitely designed yet comfortable space and the atmosphere is more than enough to come back for time and time again. NOIRouge is also the official hairdressers The Waldorf Astoria Caledonian, one of Edinburgh's most premium hotels, so you know you're in good hands! Find out more and book an appointment at www.noirouge.co.uk