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Its deadline season, which for me means fully embracing stressful student life whilst working and freelancing full time, and hunkering down with engaging podcasts, rather than music, whilst getting work done. I've been listening to podcasts pretty much 8 hours a day now, so I thought I'd share my top ten favourite podcasts that I am unashamedly addicted to. I hope you can give me some recommendations in the comments too because I'm running out of episode to binge on!

1. Ctrl Alt Delete

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Who hosts it? Ctrl Alt Delete is a podcast hosted by Emma Gannon, a successful blogger and author of two bestselling books about living our personal and professional lives online. Emma made her name as the social media editor of British Glamour and lifestyle columnist for The Telegraph. What is it about? Ctrl Alt Delete discusses work, social media and careers in a hugely engaging way, usually, in an interview format. The podcast has featured guests such as Lena Dunham, Matt Haig, Sali Hughes, Henry Holland, Elizabeth Gilbert and Zoella. Which episodes are the best? #28 Sheri Scott- On Sponsored Content & Running Your Own Business#56 Dolly Alderton- On Women We Admire & Not Believing Your Own Hype #96 Rae Earl- "Snowflake" Is A Bullsh*t Word

2. Longform


Who hosts it? Longform is a podcast co-hosted by Aaron Lammer, host of the Stoner podcast, Max Linsky, head of Pineapple Street Media and Evan Ratliff, founder and CEO of publishing platform Atavist. What is it about? A weekly conversation with a non-fiction writer about how they got their start and how they tell stories. Longform was originally and still is, a popular website for meaty, in-depth articles that go way beyond the 2-minute journalism that we've become used to in this Buzzfeed universe. A must-listen for lovers of writing. Which episodes are the best? Epsiode 267: Sarah Ellison Epsiode 261: Hilary Clinton Episode 164: Lena Dunham

Guys We Fucked

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Who hosts it? Guys We Fucked is hosted by comedy duo Sorry About Last Night, consisting of New Yorkers Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson. What is it about? GWF is absolutely the most addictive podcast on the internet. Known as 'the anti slut shaming podcast', it started as a series of candid, explicit interview with ex-lovers, and has morphed over the past 4 years into a celebration of all things sex-positive, and a frank, shocking and often emotional discussion of all the issues surrounding sex and relationships, all in a hilarious way with top comedians. Which episodes are the best? Not a Teen, Not Yet a MILF? w/ Jon Ronson You Physically Stack Women On Top Of Eachother? w/ DJ Whoo Kid The Stoya Episode

The High Low

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Who hosts it? The follow-on from The Pandolly Podcast, The High Low is a weekly discussion of pop culture, hosted by journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. What is it about? The High Low celebrates all things high, and low culture, from sexual harassment, high-functioning anxiety, forced marriages and political tensions, to internet memes, celebrity gossip and all things pop culture, from books to box sets, as well as interviews with the likes of Zadie Smith and Jim Chapman, and heaps of life and style advice for listeners. Which episodes are the best? Theresa May in Vogue and the Role of Fashion in Politics Ding Dong The Hef Is Dead- Legacy of Playboy and Death of the Celebrity Interview Corbyn's Glasto & Why We Should All Strive To Be Average

The Guilty Feminist

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Who hosts it? The Guilty Feminist is hosted by comedienne and writer Deborah Frances-White, along with a changing panel of guests like Jenny Eclair, Dawn O'Porter, Gemma Arterton, Sarah Millican and Jo Brand. What is it about? This podcast discusses all things 21st-century feminism while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that undermine their lofty principles. Which episodes are the best? 74. The Handmaid's Tale in 2017 54. Nevertheless, She Persisted 65. Feminism and Faith

Savage Lovecast

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Who hosts it? The Savage Lovecast is the 10+-year-old audio version of Savage Love, the infamous newspaper column by sex and love expert Dan Savage. What is it about? Savage starts every episode usually with a rant about the latest ludicrous exploits of the US government, LGBTQ+ activism, myth and rumour busting etc, sometimes with a special guest, and then the bulk is a question and answers session with callers into the show on all things sex, love, dating, relationships etc. Which episodes are the best? #342 Open Relationships Gone Horribly Wrong#565 Women in Gay Bars #526 The Sex Robots are Coming

Reply All

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Who hosts it? Reply All by Gimlet Media is hosted by PJ Vogt, Sruthi Pinnamaneni and Alex Goldman What is it about? This is a podcast about the internet, in all its glory and downfalls.Which episodes are the best? #5 Jennicam & #5.5 Jennicam Revisited #51 Perfect Crime #102 Long Distance & #103 Long DIstance Part II

No Such Thing As A Fish

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Who hosts it? No Such Thing As A Fish is hosted by the QI 'elves' (researchers), Dan Schrieber, James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray and Anna Ptaszynski. What is it about? Facts! The people behind the wonderful world of QI share the weirdest and most unusual and unexpected facts from every inch of our perceivable universe. Which episodes are the best? Episode 175: No Such Thing As A Rice Krispie With Feelings Episode 169: No Such Thing As Constantly Awake Beauty Episode 94: No Such Thing As Sexy Mucus Pajamas

WTF with Marc Maron

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Who hosts it? WTF is hosted by legendary American comic Marc Maron with over 85 episodes. What is it about? With the help of a huge array of celebrity guests, friends, and the voice in his own head, Maron explores the big and the little things in life, and attempts to answer the question- what the fuck? Which episodes are the best? Episode 613 - President Barack Obama Episode 794 - Louis Theroux Epsidoe 721 - Jeff Goldblum

Hashtag Authentic

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Who hosts it? Hashtag Authentic is hosted by blogger/Instagrammer/influencer and social media guru Sara Tasker from Me & Orla. What is it about? This podcast is about navigating the online world as a creative or entrepreneur, with topics ranging from the laws and regulations behind sponsored posts, getting press coverage as a small business, and building a unique brand identity. Guests range from Jon Ronson to Dolly Alderton. Which episodes are the best? Podcast 22: Why your audience isn’t growing and how to get it moving again Podcast 18: from journalism to fashion blogging, with Stylonylon Podcast 15: What brands look for in influencers, with Sally Gurteen

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