My Top 10 Inspirational Scottish Girl Bosses

I've been thinking a lot about my future career lately, so I thought I would compile a list of the talented, creative and utterly unstoppable businesswomen in Scotland that inspire and motivate me. First off we have Ellie Morag. Probably a favourite photographer within the Edinburgh and Glasgow fashion community, Ellie has photographed for Edinburgh Fashion Week, the ECA Fashion Show, Hunted Vintage, Deadsleekit, Kestin Hare, Scot Street Style. and so many more. And she's probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. What's not to love?Check out this talented gal's website at

Isla Ratcliff
I first came across Isla when my mother, who is a mental health specialist, met her at a body image/eating disorders forum, and introduced herself as the Managing Director of a model agency which supports healthy bodies. I then went on to interview Isla over at The Question Coveand eventually ended up becoming interning for her company, Superior Model Management in Glasgow. Just one look at their website and you know she means business. 

Kirstie Barlow
Fellow Edinburgh blondie Kirstie is stirring up a social media storm with her handmade business, Happy Place Cosmetics, which she single-handedly runs like a total boss. Queen of instagram e-commerce, Kirstie sells amazing vegan, ethical, natural skincare products with the most amazing smells. See my review of a bundle I ordered from Happy Place Cosmetics here. I can't wait to see what this budding beauty brand has in store for the future! #shoplocal

Claire Stuart McArthur
If you are floating around in the Scottish blog-o-sphere bubble, you will definitely have come across Claire. I mean, you can't really miss her hair! But if she's a newbie to you, check out her blog Bee Waits For No One, and prepare to be scrolling through her archives for hours, full of fabulous fashion, and fearless writing. Claire was also part of Betty and Bee with fellow famous fashion blogger Sheri Scott, who blogs at Forever Yours Betty.

Nicole Perry
Nicole Perry is not only a big business cheese with a nomination for a Young Banker of the Year 2016 award, she also runs her own Vintage Fashion company, Hunted Vintage. I went along to the brand's launch and it was one of the best blogger events I've been to. Since then, Nicole's passion project has been growing even more successful amongst fashionistas from near and far. See my post all about the SS/16 Hunted collection here!

Lynzi Leroy
Lynzi is not only a #girlboss, she is MY boss! This inspirational business woman hired me at The Scottish Design Exchange in January to launch the SDX Fashiondepartment and run social media and events, and since then I have been in awe of everything she has achieved and is capable of. She has an impressive heap of experience in the creative and technological industries, and started SDX just last year with no help or funding. I would not be where i am today without Lynzi, neither would this business and the team that runs it. 

Marie Owen
When I first moved to Edinburgh, Marie took me on as an intern at her company LS Productions. Back then I thought she was bloody awesome (see my interview with Marie here) but a few years on I am frankly blown away. LS Productions is not only The UK’s largest stills and motion Service Production Company, with a huge client base across every industry you can think of, but they have now gone global and officially broken into US territory. Whats more, the head office in Leith is the most beautifully decorated, empowering and friendly environment I've ever worked in. The only way is up.

And finally, last but not least,

Sophia Chan

(Fashion Designer at Suk Wan Chan),

Georgia Gordon

(Model and Musician)

Akvile Su

(Model and Jeweller at Objectified Jewellery)

Who are your favourite #girlbosses?