My Teeth Whitening Experience with Cherrybank Dental Spa


Ever wanted to get your teeth whitened with Phillips Zoom Whitening? Here, I share my experience of transforming from dull yellow to pearly white at Cherrybank Dental Spa, Edinburgh.

Cherrybank has two dental spas based in Perth & Edinburgh, and pride themselves on offering world class dentistry in a relaxed spa environment. The atmosphere was truly idyllic like a spa, not clinical and cold like a regular dentist. When they invited me to try out their teeth whitening treatment (which usually costs £499), I jumped at the chance, because as a heavy coffee/cola drinker my teeth could certainly do with a little makeover, and I've heard great things about Cherrybank from friends and reviews online.

Overall, it what a great experience, and I'm very happy with the results. Here's what to expect from the semi-permanent Zoom Whitening in-spa treatment and take-home kit...


Before the treatment

I was welcomed into the luxurious Dundas Street spa by lovely, friendly staff and made to feel really relaxed and at ease. The waiting room was fancier than any I've ever been into, with plump, relaxing sofas and armchairs and drinks and snacks galore!

I was then given a few forms to fill in, which were all in simple plain English with no jargon to catch you out. They ranged from a brief medical history to a 'comfort menu' where you can choose things like extra pillows, blankets, back massagers etc to make your treatment more enjoyable, and even a list of films to choose from, as you can watch a DVD through special little movie goggles during the treatment!

During the treatment

After being ushered into a spacious treatment room by a lovely dental nurse, assistant and doctor, and photographs were taken of my teeth alongside a 'shade guide' to gauge their 'before' colour. Then, impressions were taken of my teeth, in order for them to craft special whitening trays for me to take home later; I was amazed by how fast these were created, as in the past getting a mouth guard from my normal dentists, I had to wait a week to come and pick it up!

Then, a gel was applied to my teeth, along with a comforting lip balm to avoid dryness during the hour my mouth was being held in the correct position by a large gum guard, and the special zoom light was attached and left to process my teeth in 4 15-minute sessions (with the activator gel re-applied in each interval', while I lay back with a blanket to watch The Help.


After the treatment

After the hour flew by with very little discomfort, the light, mouth guard and gel were removed and I had a few minutes to rinse and stretch out again. The nurse then took the 'after' photo, and I could look in the mirror at last to see the results! My teeth had gone up by several shades on the shade guide, and I was astounded by how pearly white, but also natural (no Simon Cowell here!) they looked!

I was then talked through the aftercare process, which includes avoiding coffee, curry, smoking and wine (+ any other 'staining substances') for 24 hours, and using the Phillips teeth whitening at-home kit, which involves applying a whitening gel and wearing a mouth guard type thing for a few weeks afterwards, roughly for an hour a day.


Overall, I would definitely recommend the zoom teeth whitening treatment at Cherrybank.  Whether you're a heavy smoker and red wine drinker, or if like me a bit of a coffee addict, it's a brilliant confidence boost, and the experience itself was thoroughly comfortable and strangely enjoyable!