The Best Ethical Fashion Resources


When it comes to fashion, an industry that changes constantly and rapidly, you can never stop learning. I think to write about fashion, and in this case ethical fashion, I've got to stay educated, above and beyond my university course, so I thought I'd compile here some of my favourite ethical fashion resources, including the best book, film, magazine, blog, podcast and Ted talk. Stay tuned until the end, where I have some very exciting ethcial fashion news of my own!



Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion by Safia Minney, founder of People Tree, is the ultimate resource for the 'aesthetics meets ethics' movement, filled with inspiring people, images and words. Other great ethcial fashion books include To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World? by Lucy Siegle and Slave To Fashion by Safia Minney.



Conscious Chatter

Kestrel Jenkins is the host of eco fashion podcast Conscious Chatter, my latest obsession. In each episode she interviews an ethical fashion industry expert, going in depth about all the surrounding issues which is totally fascinating, inspiring and educational.



Slowing Down Fast Fashion

I had the chance to preview the documentary film Slowing Down Fast Fashion, by Alex James of Blur fame, at the Colour Elements'  Fashion Revolution Event (read all about it here). Other great ethical fashion films include True Cost and The Machinists.



Money Fashion Power

Money Fashion Power is a unique fanzine created by Fashion Revolution, containing awesome illustrations, touching stories and harrowing facts about the dark reality of the fashion industry. To find out more about Money Fashion Power, read my blog post here.

Ted Talk

The Wardrobe To Die For

Lucy Siegle, ethical living journalist and Fashion Revolution activist, gives an excellent Ted x Salford talk about the harsh reality of the clothes we buy and wear, giving the hard, cold facts that the industry too often skirts over. Other great ethical fashion Ted talks include Ethics is the New Black, and How to Engage with Ethical Fashion.



Ethical Fashion Blogger

Amber Boyers o Ethical Fashion Blogger does exaactly what it says on the tin, writing about everything from minimalism and slow fashion to eco-friendly and vegan lifestyle. Some other brilliant alternative bloggers pushing the fashion revolution include Tartan Brunette, Sustainable Siren and Sustainably Chic.

I hope you find these resources helpful in enhancing your learning all about the often overwhelming world of ethical fashion. I also have some exciting news! Launching this summer on Urbanity Blog will be an extensive guide to ethical fashion; the ultimate resource for anyone and everyone to cover all bases of this huge topic, from fairtrade and upcycling to artisan and organic. I'm pulling this huge online resource, downloads and mailouts, together with the help of my wonderful intern Becca Coughlan, and I can't wait to reveal all!