The Ethical Fashion Animal Rights Debate

norway fur ban
norway fur ban

A new vlog discussing the debate surrounding animal products in the fashion industry, including real leather and real fur, plus some eco-friendly and vegan alternatives.

Here are some of the links I mentioned:

Piñatex pineapple leather: Mycoworks mushroom leather: Banana fibre: Modern meadow: Bio-fur:

I also wanted to mention the recent success of talented Edinburgh College of Art graduate Aurelie Fontan at this month's Graduate Fashion Week. She won 3 awards: the M&S Womenswear Award, Catwalk Textiles Award and Dame Vivienne Westwood Sustainable and Ethical Award sponsored by Levi’s, all for her innovative biofabrication designs! Find out more on WWD.

What do you think about animal rights in the fashion industry? Do you wear fur, wool, silk or leather? Do you find second-hand fur acceptable, or does it just create demand? Have you experienced animal rights protesters at fashion shows? Have you come across vegan fashion and textiles, or heard about exciting new biofabrics? Let me know in the comments!

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