The Pitt Street Food Yard, Leith

Last Saturday my friends were working at an Artisan food truck in Leith food market, The Pitt Street Food Yard, so I decided to check it out for myself, and my god it was worth the hype. 

Walking down this industrial-meets-residential street, you wouldn't expect a thing, until you turn a wee corner, and a friendly face welcomes you to a summer foodie festival, hidden away in an up-cycled yard.

In fact, I loved it so much that I went there for lunch and dinner. Yup.

I popped to The Pitt at midday, as soon as it opened, to get a much-needed hangover cure. Firstly, Williams and Johnson Coffee Co, small specialty coffee roastery based in Edinburgh, helped me out with a killer flat white.  

Next, after having a wee look round the stalls, which included The Big Blu (wood fired pizza truck), Barney's Beers (delicious brewskis) and Spice Girl (Mexican food for vegans and carnivores alike!), my hangover was officially cured by the legendary Parmesan and Truffle Fries (with herbs and blue cheese sauce might I add) made my my friends at The Buffalo Truck.

Funk music was playing over the speaker system, the sun was starting to shine and Leithers began to pour in for lunchtime cocktails and fresh local nibbles. I was so annoyed at myself for never having been to this Pitt Street food haven before, despite living right around the corner! 

Later that evening, Jack and I returned to The Pitt for another round! By 8pm, it was absolutely kicking; the tunes were flowing as much as the prosseco, and we could hardly move for people. The boy went straight for a deep fried buttermilk chicken burger with spicy korean sauce with a side of -you guessed it- truffle parmesan fries, from Buffalo. I opted for Yaki Udon with vegetable gyoza from Harajuku Kitchen. I went to their restaurant in Bruntsfield a while back and loved the sushi, so I was excited to try more Japanese yummies.

The highlight of our foodie adventure, however, was the cake sundae bar by SugarDaddies bakery (everything is gluten free and many things are vegan!). The cake-masters were so friendly and kind despite the busy-ness and the heat,  and we were blown away by the choose-your-own topping selection. I had red velvet cake, with salted caramel frosting, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Finally, we died a tragic food-coma death. May we be remembered for our excellent taste in fries.