The Transformative Powers of a New Haircut


Last week I was treated to a re-style at Austen Thomson Hair by the talented Lauren, who has developed a unique freehand cutting technique that managed to translate my novice ramblings of what I had in mind for my lanky locks into the ideal result; a cut that liberated me from flat, limp hair and a low-maintenance look so I could indulge my lazy side. I'm now the proud owner of a tousled, layered bob in fairy-cake pink, and couldn't be happier!

As I watched my pink hair fall to the floor of the beautiful Austen Thomson salon, I thought about the almost transformative power of getting your style revamped.  I can't deny that having short hair has a strangely liberating feeling. Not in the cliche 'New Hair New Me' or "I broke up with a boyfriend so I became a new woman!" way, but just in terms of a new-found confidence. I think having short hair just forces me out of my comfort zone, without having the choice of just tying it up in a messy bun or hiding a make-up free face behind long curls.

The salon really is a beautiful environment to get hair treatments, without the loud blow-drying sounds (they use the new Dyson hairdryers!), toxic hairspray smell and dull small talk about holidays. 

I left with a smile after being treated like a princess by the wonderful staff, including Austen himself, who were truly passionate about new and exclusive products they use, like the Schwarzkopf Color Freeze cell perfection spray and creme, which really nourish hair thats been bleached, and lock in even semi-permanent hair dyes like my pink Manic Paniccolour. Even my bad hair days with this new look are totally doable, and I can't wait to try out new looks, like soft curls and half-up half-down dos. Can't thank Lauren enough!