Trend Tuesday: Supersize Gingham


There's no denying that gingham has been one of the biggest trends of 2017. From ankle boots to midi skirts, Bardot tops to shirt dresses, this twee little print has been plastered over the worldwide style scene for ages now, and I for one am definitely not bored yet!


As soon as I saw these supersize gingham troos hanging on the rail at the Scottish Design Exchange, I knew they had to be mine. Wide leg: check! High waisted: check! Bold print: check! I'm ashamed to admit they are a little too tight at the waist, but I like to pretend I'm still a "size small" like my model/dancer days, and these trousers are so bloody perfect I don't even care.


After posting them on my Instagram (follow me here!) lots of you were asking me how to buy them, but unfortunately, my friend Piotr (of Glasgow fashion brand Birds of Prayers) had made these as a one-off sample for a photoshoot, so there aren't any other pairs in existence that I know of! However, I will be nagging him to make more (because I want them in every print and colour) and to set up an online shop ASAP, because we need to share the Birds of Prayers love with the world! See my archive of older blog posts here to find out more about this fabulous local fashion label!


I decided to style these fabulous flares with a grey bardot top to keep things simple on the top half, and break up the whole thing with a long, bold statement necklace and some metallic sandals. I would normally opt for heeled boots with an out-there look like this one, but I sprained my ankle pretty badly last month and at the time of this photoshoot it was still really swollen and sore, so heels + Edinburgh's cobbled streets would not have been a clever combo!


Here are all the outfit details if you're curious (and let's be honest, we all read fashion blogs mainly to ask OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT TOP?!)

Trousers: Birds of Prayers (find out more here) Necklace: Paperchain Jewellery (buy here) Top: Topshop (similar here) Sandals: Topshop (similar here)

Photography by the lovely Cera Kamoji!