Trying New Trends with Ace Vestiti

Have you ever completely written off a trend before you've even tried it? Claiming you 'couldn't pull it off'? I'm the first to admit I am not very adventurous when it comes to my personal style. Trends like fishnet tights, 'shrobing', head-to-toe pink, chokers...I have written off because I don't have that fashion blogger confidence or supermodel body. Snapbacks are definitely one of those trends, so when UK streetwear brand Ace Vestiti sent me a trucker cap, I thought it was time to step outside my style comfort zone.

I'm always searching Pinterest for street style, blogger outfits and runway looks to adapt to my everyday look, and hats are an accessory that's just everywhere at the moment. Lately, I discovered Glasgow style bloggers Two Blondes One Blog, who wear hats (and everything else) with total confidence, but I've always declared myself 'not a hat person'. 

I think it's partly down to the fact that I'm so damn tall (5"11 holla) that I've always felt I shouldn't draw even more attention to myself, hence why I dress mainly in black. I still played it safe with this look, styling the hat with a roll neck black ribbed top, high waisted black ripped jeans, heeled ankle boots and a faux leather and shearling jacket. So not exactly experimental fashion 101, but for me, who's go-to uniform is big baggy draped tops, skinny jeans and long coats, it was a new look.

The lil ray of sunshine that is blogger and photographer Cera Kamonji always makes me feel totally comfortable and at ease when shooting outfit posts, even though am an awkward, clumsy model. Instead of traditional street style photos, well, on the actual street, we hung out in Cera's office where she knew a hidden stairwell that was filled with beautiful natural light.

I guess the point I'm trying to make in this post is striking a careful balance between staying true to own style and experimenting with new things. This for me is the key to pulling off even the trickiest of trends. For, I like to stick to simple clothing with very little print, but use accessories, hair and make-up to show some personality. Thank you Ace Vestiti for pushing me out of comfort zone, and not just following trends for sake of it, but making them my own.

Hat: Ace Vestiti (BUY HERE)




Jacket: Vera Moda (SIMILAR HERE)

Photography by Cera K