WE Mean Business panel discussion & SEO workshop


Find out what went down at the WE Mean Business Network launch party, panel discussion & SEO workshop at Dear Green Coffee Roasters in Glasgow last week.

I have been a member of the We Mean Business online community for a couple of months now on recommendation from the fabulous Fashion Fix Daily team, and have been loving the chance to gain support, take advice and make valuable contacts while sharing experiences good and bad, and promoting my own achievements with likeminded ladies.

Last Wednesday's event was a perfect celebration of these values, with ample opportunity to meet with people from ventures I know and admire as well as new faces. The networking was helped by delicious drinks from Innis & Gunn and Bon Accord, and snacks from Tuk Tuk and Sugar Tits.

Then, there was a brilliantly insightful panel discussion focussing on the realities of running your own business, with every topic from social media to everyday sexism covered by panellists Nikki McWilliams (aka 'The Biscuit Lady'), Lisa Lawson (founder of Dear Green coffee roasters, where the event was launched), Becky White (girl boss behind Becky White PR) and Kate Clifford (director of Vanilla Ink).

Next, there was an in-depth SEO workshop by Briony Cullin, covering the basics of improving your website, from the super-technical to the content and outreach. I can't wait to implement some of this master digital marketer's expert tips and tricks for Urbanity! FInally, guests got to enjoy our goodies bags which featured fab products from local indie brands like Lucky Cloud, Jennifer Lemon, Sara Hill and La La Land. Overall it was a brilliant night, and I want to say a huge thank you to Laura Hewitt for having me!

Find out more about each of the participants and follow them on Instagram below:

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About We Mean Business

WE Mean Business is a network of women entrepreneurs and female bosses who run bad ass businesses. The mantra to live by is one of collaboration, inspiration, and sisterhood with the goal of working together to achieve success in our businesses. The network is a space to learn, connect and inspire via our online community and our networking and development events.

WE Mean Business has been founded by small business owner Laura B Hewitt, owner of mid century interiors retailer Habiib. Laura is a champion of small business and recognised a need for a Scottish based network where women were encouraged to be bold in their business decisions.

Members of the community include bloggers like Sheri Scott, Kumba Dauda and Amanda Davies, designers and makers like Beth Lamont, Emily Millichip and Lucy Cardwell and creative entrepreneurs like Tammy Koslowski, Kirsty Halliday, and Nina Robertson.

Want to join the WE Mean Business facebook group, a supportive and welcoming place for women to network, talk business and find support? Click here!